Monday, 4 July 2011

What we do

WAYAN seeks to stimulate the principle "by youth,for youth', by strengthening the capacity of youth and empowering them to be able to speak for themselves and advocate for their rights at national and community levels. Furthermore, WAYAN  mobilizes and educate young people about SRHR and how to influence policy at local national levels. Investing in a group of young people is an effective way to reach out to many potential advocates. WAYAN seeks to improve the lives of young people in Kenya through:

1. Work with policy makers and leaders to enhance the implementation of existing policies and enforcement of laws. The establishment of WAYAN, provides an opportunity for the youth themselves to advocate at national and community level for enhanced implementation of laws and policies that safeguard young people's reproductive  health and rights.

2. Increase youth participation, youth leadership and youth advocacy.

3. Mobilize and educate young people to advocate for better to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information and services for all youth and with special regard for youth in disadvantaged situation including those with HIV, or having a disability.

4. Strengthening Youth-Adult partnership- by working in partnership with adults, the youth will gain skills that will contribute to better understanding of Sexual Reproductive Health issues and how to deal with them.

5. WAYAN provides an opportunity for young people for policy influence and change. The youth network has independently implement their advocacy plan with support of supporting and hosting adult organization, namely CSA. (Center for the Study of Adolescence)

Our Motivation

RECOGNITION that Kenya's population is heavily skewed towards children and youth making them highly dependent and vulnerable segment of the population.

ACCEPTING that young people have a right to access information and services free from coercion, stigma or violence.

RECOGNITION that young people have urgent sexual and reproductive health needs and face challenges in exercising their rights.

UNDERSTANDING taht the health and geeral well being of young people is crucial to the social, economic and political development of our country.

ACKNOWLEDGING the efforts of government and other stakeholders in improving the health general well being of youth in Kenya and the need to do more.


 The Kenyan constitution and Human Rights Charter guarantee the right of all peoples to life, liberty and security of person. the Kenyan government goes further and supports young people's right of information on sexual health. It is the responsibility of the government and organizations that serve young people to:

  • Respect and safeguard the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people
  • Inform and educate young people, community leaders on the importance of creating supporting environment for young people to enjoy their rights too health.
  • Develop and implement policies that promote the participation of young people at all levels of programme development,implementation and evaluation
  • Provide  sexual and reproductive health services within a "youth friendly" environment

WAYAN seeks to ensure that the rights of youth are enforced. Where policies exist on paper and not in practice, WAYAN will advocate for their implementation. Where the rights of the youth are not laid out in law, WAYAN will lobby for their legislation.

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